Mission Statement

The Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR) is a non-governmental organization committed to securing and protecting human rights from all forms of violation. TAHR believes that human rights, rule of law, and democracy are indivisible and interdependent. Without human rights, rule of law can easily degrade into rule by law, and democracy into a winner-take-all struggle.

TAHR's campaigns, which aim to encourage grassroots support and advocacy, have focused on investigating individual human rights cases and assisting victims, monitoring the government's policy-making and development, proposing legal and constitutional amendments so as to meet international human rights standards, and promoting human rights consciousness and education. In addition, TAHR actively participates in the international human rights community, strengthening its interaction and cooperative relationships with international NGOs.

How TAHR Functions

  • TAHR is governed by an Executive Board, elected by all TAHR members and divided into functional committees representing the major program and administrative activities of TAHR. The TAHR chairperson and vice-chairperson are both elected from within the board.
  • TAHR membership is open to the public.
  • Nearly all of TAHR's funding comes from membership fees and individual donations.
  • TAHR maintains a very small secretariat, and it relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers.