Refugee, Asylum seekers and stateless people in Taiwan

UDHR the international human rights convention and the international society have confirmed the right to asylum. If a person is prosecuted by his country because he defends his own or other people's human rights, the other countries have an obligation to provide protection and follow the non-refoulement principle. Besides,states should prevent the stateless status and protect the stateless people. 

Taiwan, is a democratic country proud of its human rights situation in Asia. How does the country treat the asylum seekers and stateless people? It will only take you a few minutes through the 3 short films to understand these people's situation in Taiwan. 


1) Refugee, Asylum seeker ans stateless people in Taiwan--stateless people

2) Refugee, Asuylum seekers and stateless people in Taiwan--Tibetan Spouse


3) Refugee, Asylum Seekers and Stateless people in Taiwan--Asylum Seeker from PRC