Timeline of Mr. Li Ming-che’s case


  • March 19:LI went “missing” soon after he enter China’s Gong-Bei Port from Macau.
  • March 20:LI’s wife, Mrs. LI Jing-Yu reported his missing to Taiwan’s Strait Exchange Foundation (SEF) and China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) under the State Council as well. The latter responded with “no such information was reported by the relevant authorities.”
  • March 24 : First NGO and family joint press conference. Taiwan Association for Human Rights ask the Chinese government to release the video record of CCTV in the port of entry.
  • March 29: Spokesperson of TAO confirmed of LI’s detention by national security forces at its regular press conference when inquired by a journalist.
  • March 31: Mrs. LI Jing-Yu announced that she would not seek legal representatives in China on her husband’s behalf; she will visit Beijin by herself to meet her husband.
  • April 6: Covenants Watch filed an urgent appeal to the UN human rights system(i.e. WGEID, SRs on HRD, Free Speech, and Arbitrary Detention)
  • April 6-8: WGEID made two inquiries on the case.
  • April 7: NGO press conference to release the first joint statement endorsed by 180 international and domestic NGOs to support the case.
  • April 10: Mrs. LI’s travel document to China was revoked by China to bar her from visiting Beijing.
  • May 19: Mrs. Li Jing-Yu delivered her testimony at a US Congress hearing on “DISAPPEARED, JAILED, AND TORTURED IN CHINA:WIVES PETITION FOR THEIR HUSBANDS' FREEDOM”
  • May 19: After two month’s detention, Taiwan NGOs held a big assembly near the liberty square to raise the case and urge the PRC government to release Mr. Li.
  • May 26: China’s TAO confirmed that LI has been “officially” arrested on suspicion of “subversion of state power” and transferred to the Procuratorate of Hu-Nan Province.
  • May 26: NGO make an urgent joint statement and condemn the more than two month arbitrary detention, and criticize the PRC government using the name of “subversion of state power” to arrest Li Ming-che.
  • June 4: Taiwan NGO and overseas Chinese activists held a candle vigil for June 4th and urge the PRC government to release the human rights lawyers and activists, and Mr. Li Ming-che.
  • June 13: US Congressional Executive Commission On China list Mr. Li Ming-che on the political prisoners database
  • June 14: PPRC government announce they had appointed a lawyer for Li Ming-che without informing the family members and Taiwanese government
  • June 23: UN Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances accepted the case of Mr. Li Ming-che
  • June 27-July 1: Yibee Huang from Covenants Watch and E-Ling Chiu.from Taiwan Association for Human Rights visited four Special mechanisms in UN and INGOs in Geneva to update Mr. Li Ming-che’s case.
  • July 4: European Parliament passed the resolution on the cases of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo and Lee Ming-Che (2017/2754(RSP))
  • Sep. 11: Mr. Li Ming-che was putted to trail in Yueyang Intermediate People's Court at Hunan province of China. Mrs. Li and his mother and the members of Rescuing Alliance observed and listened the trail.
  • Sep. 13: Yibee Huang from Covenants Watch and E-Ling Chiu from Taiwan Association for Human Rights updated Mr. Li’s case in the 113th session of Working Group of Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances in UN, Geneva
  • Sep. 17: The Rescuing Alliance organized human typesetting activities for “CHINA, FREE LI.”
  • Nov. 7: The Rescuing Alliance organized Yellow Ribbon solidarity activities for Mr. Li Ming-che.
  • Nov. 28: Mr. Li Ming-che was sentenced to 5 years in Yueyang Intermediate People's Court at Hunan province of China.
  • Dec. 25: Taiwanese NGOs initiated the Sending Xmas Card/ New Year Card to Mr. Li.


  • Jan. 18: 2018 EU Parliament passed the resolution again to support Mr.Li.
  • Jan. 30:Mrs. Li was rejected by the PRC government again to take the flight to visit her husband in prison. The Rescuing Team of Mr. Li Ming-che releases the Joint-statement on this issue.
  • Feb. 8: Mr. Li, Yibee Huang from Covenants Watch and E-Ling Chiu from Taiwan Association for Human Rights updated Mr. Li’s case in the 114th session of Working Group of Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances in Brussels.
  • March 19: NGOs in Taiwan organized a march for the 1st anniversary of Mr. Li’s arrest in Taipei.
  • March 29: Taiwan Association for Human Rights, fidh and Covenants Watch submitted reports on Mr. Li for the China’s UPR review.
  • March: Mrs. Li started to visit Mr. Li in Zishan prison once a month
  • Oct. : Taiwan Association for Human Rights, fidh and Covenants Watch attend the UPR pre-session on China
  • Oct. : Mrs. Li’s visiting request was rejected, and a rumor said Mr. Li was transferred to another prison. None of Mr. Li’s family members are informed about the transfer.
  • Nov. 28: 1st anniversary of Mr. Li’s sentence, Taiwan NGOs held a press conference to criticize the ongoing incommunicable and disappearance of Mr. Li.
  • Dec. 18: Mrs. Li’s visiting approved and she found that Mr. Li in Zishan prison and found that Mr. Li had been transferred to Beijing prison for ten days. Mr. Li did not know the date or reason of this transfer, and Li’s family had not been informed during this whole process, which violated the article 20 of the China Prison Act concerning custody informing procedure. When Mr. Li Ming-che was sent back to Zishan Prison, his clothes and personal belongings were all disposed of and his bank account was temporarily frozen due to his “new” imprisonment status. Li was in a terrible shape since he was only served with spoiled food in the Zishan Prison; the new administrative procedure made him unable to purchase other nutritious food with cash anymore. He has lost at least 30 kilos due to the spoiled diet provided by the prison.


  • Jan. : Mrs. Li’s visiting request was rejected by China against.
  • March 19: 2nd anniversary of Mr. Li’s arrest.